The project is gathering information through 3 international case studies. The cases are focused on situations where there has been political conflict over policies on grid access or use for decentralized renewable energy (including feed-in-tariffs, net metering, and value of solar tariffs). One case, in Ontario, Canada, has been completed. Two more cases are currently in progress: one in the Netherlands, and another in the UK. We are currently collecting data through interviews with key informants from government, co-operative and community energy, other energy industries, and utilities. We are also gathering and analyzing documents such as lobbying records, media articles, industry annual reports, and press releases.

We will use the results from the case studies to develop an online survey (Autumn 2018). The survey will provide us with additional information and will test if the findings from the case studies  are consistent across the OECD. The survey will be sent to policy makers in OECD countries who are involved in contested policies on grid access or use for decentralized renewable energy projects.

Stay tuned as we add more project information!